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To raise awareness of the varied ways in which Catholics can celebrate the Sacraments and to support alternative, inclusive eucharistic communities in the Puget Sound region.


We imagine sacramental communities in the Catholic tradition where all are welcome.

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Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, Lex Agendi! Why Inclusive Catholics Change Our Liturgies (Part One)

  When I was in fourth grade, I lived next to a girl who attended Blessed Sacrament Catholic School. One day we were playing together and she asked me if I was Jewish. When I said yes, she informed me that the Jews had killed Jesus. “Jesus was a Jew,”…

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Alexander Shaia presents the Great 100 Days

Alexander Shaia began his talk on Easter and the Great 100 days with his famous question: how many times during the year do we celebrate Easter? For those familiar with Dr. Shaia’s talks, we know the answer: We celebrate Easter – the feast of the resurrection of the Christ –…